Broken head cast question


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I successfully made my first head cast (yay!) but when I was taking the stone out of the mold I broke off the top of one of the ears (boo). Is there a way I can fix this or is recasting the only option? Thanks!
Don't feel too bad, I've been doing this for years and I'll still break an ear or two now and again!

Do you have the broken pieces? The simplest fix is to super glue it back together and fill the gaps with Propoxy.

If you don't have the pieces you can resculpt the ear using propoxy (which is just a fancy name for plumbers epoxy you can get at any hardware store) or if your skill level allows it, resculpt the ear in stone. This works best if it was cast in Ultracal, but you can make hydrocal work with some practice.
Thanks! I do still have the piece so I'll try super glue and propoxy. As this was my first attempt at a head cast and no one's head got locked in the mold, I still consider this a success ear break and all!
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