Brastech DL-44

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Inspired by my brass gun that unintentionally resembled a Star Wars gun, I thought I’d set out to try and make a brass Star Wars gun, and the obvious choice would have to be the DL-44. First step, acquire a Mauser broomhandle replica.

So today I learned that when you buy a "full metal construction please not to firing at the people animals" gun from China, the "full metal construction" bit refers to four springs and about a dozen screws. Even the moving parts are plastic, but it doesn't matter too much since the whole point of getting it was to turn it into something resembling a brass DL-44. I'll just have to replace much more of the bodywork now, which will probably be better anyway in the end.

Got rid of the fake barrel straight away

Got rid of all the innards, I'm not going to keep it as a working airsoft now. The remaining bits (apart from the grips) will now either be replaced with brass bits or covered in brass sheet.

I was originally going to use the existing inner barrel (the bit between the two body halves above), then decided not to bother , but instead replace the whole lot so it would look something like this;

Finished barrel polished up

Barrel and receiver finished, Obviously I'm not going to use the existing receiver parts now either. Scope needs finishing off and the mounts need prettying up. Also I haven't quite figured out the mounting bracket yet.

Mock up of where we're at so far

Trigger, trigger guard and back bit done. They were the most difficult bits (hopefully). I've also squared the edges and smoothed the surface of the main body. The aluminium right angles on the leading edge of the magazine were probably overkill, but better prep means better finish!

Interior of the trigger. I'll connect a spring from the hole in the trigger to the forward scope mount bolt when I get it fitted

This is actually starting to look like it might start looking like something

Scope and mount done

Side panels, front grill and bottom of magazine with threaded rod to hold barrel

So in theory all these bits will somehow go together to make a brass Han Solo gun. A bit more dry fitting and refining then a lot more buffing and we're in business.

Not having the woodworking skills to make grips, I just painted the plastic ones



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Interesting take on the blaster - I almost thought you misspelled your thread title!
It has the virtue of being unique, thanks for sharing photos.

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Frankenstein's holster

Turns out using another holster as a base didn't save any time at all, but in fact made it much harder and more time consuming. Then again I didn't have any big enough bits to make it from scratch anyway so the point is moot. It took me three goes to get that patch right, and three goes for the leg strap. The fact that it took me three goes for a simple strap with four press studs suggests I'm due for sleep.

Coloured up

Dunno, but I reckon that looks canny


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Amazing job :eek

It looks like it could be a Captain Nemo's gun with the holster....

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If I sold you my soul.. Could I have it...:angel:cry

If you cross my palm with silver you can. I need it for a convention this weekend, then it will be up for sale. Please note mods, I'm trying hard to follow the rules, so this isn't an advert! (yet)

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