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Im starting a new project, I want to create a Borg Costume. Its something ive wanted to do for a few years. I have been researching different characters and have settled on a Borg Toy that I own. the Toy is Klingon, im not sure if i want to go Klingon aswell. There are large panels on this costume with raised edges (see legs) im trying to figure out what is the best method.. to produce these.. also inbetween the panels are what looks like a piles or wires underneath.. i wonder if i could just make a silicone mold of wires, so its thin and not too heavy.I am a Graphic designer and work with Cinema 4D regularly and i have a close friend with a CNC so im sure i can get some stuff (even 3d) CNC'd out for me if needed.. but is there some kind of clay that I could just mold and into the pieces and once hardened could be used directly.? I was thinking of first creating a simple template for the costume using foam i get my sizing right.. im not nearly as fit as this toy...:) , I have no experience with making Molds and little carving experience but I am pretty handy. any tips or suggestions from anyone on which direction i should move would be appreciated..
I'm trying to make a paper template of the general pieces for this for size.. anyone have any tips or a tutorial to make this easier
If you are planning to mold all the pieces yourself (on yourself) with no experience, that would be a huge undertaking. When the Borg first appeared on Next Gen. I too wanted to be a Borg. Resistance was futile.

Since the first Borg were basic panels, cables and a few blinkies over a body suit, that was good enough for me. So I patterned my suit after the "HUGH BORG".

I spent 3 months working on my costume by myself trying to make all the pieces fit and easily removable so when "nature called".
I debuted my costume at a convention contest and got first place in my category.
I couldn't sit for hours or drink any water or liquids of any kind.

My designation was "Second of Four" (2ndof4)


I can't really give you any helpful suggestions on molding since I don't do that either. I will be watching this thread from time to time to see how you progress. Good luck :)

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Second of Four, is your Borg still functional? Would you mind a call to discuss Borgish matters? There are a few time sensitive, Borg centric issues I could use some assistance with. I tried sending a pm, but your settings are such that it necessitated this post. Either way, my phone number is 541-207-7522. If you could give me a call at your earliest convenience it would be most appreciated.


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