Borg Alcove

Impressive. One of my fantasys is to have a borg costume made and actually it gives me a idea. Maybe one of these times I come down to TX for a con, I can get a look at this thing.
These two alcoves are sold but I make displays like these now and plan to build another alcove soon . Thanks for the kind words.

YouTube - ‪k-3po STAR WARS PROP C-3po life size Droid 1:1 c3po‬‏ K-3po
how I built it

YouTube - ‪B-9 build Lost in Space Robot 1:1 lifesize Prop‬‏ Lost in Space B-9 Robot

YouTube - ‪B-9 build Lost in Space Robot 1:1 lifesize Prop‬‏ Death Star Droid Build (Current Build 5/11)

YouTube - ‪Predator blade prop repica gauntlet 1:1 Aluminum !‬‏ predator aluminum blade prop Current Build 5/11
Next Builds Are :
Full size ABC warrior
NS-4 I robot
Robocop Full upper bust Battle Dammge Exposed head
Full Predator Statue
Black opps Cylon
Fulll size Ed -209 severd 20mm Arm
These are not kits. They are made of junk, old model parts ,vacume cleaner parts , car parts and mostly computer cabs and internals.
This is a back drop by it- self.

Yes that was the idea behind it. Recycled( out of date) computers and old models and toys. There is a cylon base star model, a batman rocket glove. pool parts , aluminum beer bottles. It was fun.

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