Factory Entertainment Borg Queen signature edition skull central cortex


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Already ordered wow. Resistance was FUTILE. GC
Alice looks at home in the English countryside signing the plaques. Looks like the inside of a thatched roof cottage but she grew up in South Africa. Maybe a summer place. Has a cool vibe
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So a big box from Factory Entertainment arrived. The Borg Queen SE #35 cortex arrived and it is really awesome. The Stand is 100% metal and it plus the cortex are exceptionally heavy. It secures at four points to the unit at the neck area. Very pleased. It is double boxed with foam L corners and the inner box has a large Borg logo on the top and a black and slightly greenish Borg ish alcove logo on the side with Star Trek First contact logo as it should. The batteries go in the back of the skull and a magnetic large chrome cap hides the batteries. The magnet is strong and that cap is going nowhere. The weathering is very good with even gold highlights in some areas and the lights work perfect. The small micro switches are on the side of the skull are blended in. One to turn it on the other to turn it off. One thing I do like it does not turn off immediately..... it's fades as it was dying however it turns on immediately. The neck spine is exceptionally well done and bright and the side of the head light sequences are nice too. The signature plate was affixed by FE and a Saran wrap type of material was over the top of it to keep it protected. IHMO FE knocked this one out of the park. Money well spent for a signature piece from one of my favorite STTNG movies. Absolutely BORG tastic !!!!!

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Whoa, that looks awesome! Just don't get lost in the moment and snap its spine like Picard did.
Lol only thing that would make it better was if a few Borg queen phases were added. However I am still happy. Ordered in Jan 22 and delivered in July 22!

I see it's still a available but now backordered. As things go these days I am glad to have it. With Covid BA5 you just never know if the run will reach the full 250 pieces.
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Its new placement amongst the menagerie. An after thought.... An acrylic cover would have been nice as an option! Also for safety I used a small black bungee that rides above the black spinal cord segments to make sure its stay connected to the stand.

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