Borderlands Bandit Steve Mask Sculpt


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One of the masks I’ve always loved is the Bandit Steve mask from Borderlands 2. I’m in the process of sculpting this mask, trying a technique which I don’t think I’ve seen before (but wouldn’t be surprised if someone has used it).


First I created a Pepakura model from the 3D game asset.


Then I applied rondo inside and out, and dremeled down the facet edges.


Then I added a thin layer of Monster Clay over the whole surface. Over that I am now building up the 3D details and adding texture. I’ve done something similar for previous projects using Apoxie Sculpt, but have been wanting to try a non-hardening clay so I can go back and tweak. The Apoxie Sculpt sands really well, so it is great for getting smooth, even surfaces on the original sculpt (instead of, say, having to mold the original, cast it, and then sand/smooth the cast). This mask doesn't need to be smooth, and the clay will let me experiment with textures.


Before adding the clay, I cut holes in the Pep model where the eyes and mouth vents are. Where there were holes, there are now clay divots, which I’m hoping will be deep enough to leave openings in the slush cast. I’m sure a bunch of dremeling will be needed to clean all of that up.

I haven’t decided yet what to use for the eye lenses. I may experiment with casting some green tinted lenses. The cylindrical filters on the side of the mask will be molded and cast separately, attached with some method that is yet to be determined.

By the way, if you haven't seen it, SKS Props is working on a full Bandit Steve costume that’s totally worth checking out.
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Looks like a good start! its a similar method to the one I used for my N7 helmet! Although I skip the rondo part and just melt down clay and pour into the pepakura piece :p


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Here's the final version of my clay sculpt.

borderlands-bandit-steve-mask-6.jpg borderlands-bandit-steve-mask-7.jpg

I hit it with some clearcoat, then molded with Rebound 25 and gave it a two-part Plasti-Paste shell. I ended up using 4 total coats of Rebound, about one trial size kit worth.

borderlands-bandit-steve-mask-8.jpg borderlands-bandit-steve-mask-9.jpg

First cast... not bad! I was worried about deforming the Monster Clay as I molded. I did get a few small nicks on some of the edges (like around the eyes), but it's nothing a little steel wool can't take care of. I used Smooth-Cast 320 with a little bit of black tint for a gray cast. The gray color makes it easier to see how the fine details and surface texture turned out, compared to the normal off-white color of 320.


I still have some trimming to do on the cast, then I need to sculpt and mold the little filter tubes that stick out the side of the mask. Then it's on to assembly and painting.


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I guess I took my sweet time finishing this up. Several months later, here's the finished piece.


To make those little filter tube things, I just shaped some Apoxie Sculpt on the end of a length of vinyl hose. I stuck a piece of copper wire inside so it would maintain its shape. The shape is the same on each side of the mask, just mirrored, so I only needed to sculpt one of them, then mold it and cast two of them.


With the two filter tubes attached to the mask, I gave the whole thing a coat of gray Tamiya primer to prep for painting.


The paint is all brushed acrylic. For the grill area on the lower half of the mask, I put down a metallic layer first, followed by some dabbed on splotches of rubber cement, followed by the top coat. The areas with rubber cement rub right off, taking the top coat with it and showing the metallic layer underneath. For all the work, I think I could have just dry-brushed some metallic paint over the top coat along the corners and it probably would have looked just as good. At least I would have saved some metallic paint.


For painting blood, I've been using Tamiya clear red acrylic with some brown wash mixed in. I dab it on with a toothpick. This allows me to get some shapes and textures which are more interesting than a standard splatter pattern.

The eye lenses are green-tinted acrylic sheet, cut to fit. I have a light inside the mask and some opaque white cloth behind the eyes to get them to glow like that. That wouldn't work while wearing the mask, but it sure does look cool in photos.


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Your work as absolutely fantastic. I will try to attempt this as well. First problem I have got is finding the actual 3d model from game assets to make the Pepakura. :) Have you got any leads, or could you send me already the finished pepakura file to print if you have got it? It would help me a lot. I will still need the 3d model for refferences though. (Edit: Nevermind, found it! )

It is going to be my first mask done by sculpting and casting so... phew... it's gonna be a challange.
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