Jamie Davison

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I have just bought some boots for a vader costume, does any one know of a tutorial on how to add a zip on them. I have done a search but couldnt find anything. Thanks.


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The 'Vadermaker' site used to have a section about adding laces to the back of the boots. I think he split them down the back of the calves, added the lace holes (with a special tool; a local cobbler could do this easily enough) and threaded them up with boot lace.

I always thought thatwas a good idea, as it gives a bit of 'play' in the tightness of the boot. This is whaty I have done with the boots on my mannequin.

Alternatively, I'm sure a cobbler would add the zips to the boots for you for just a few quid.



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Yeah, it shouldn't cost too much and would definately make it easier to get in and out of. I know I struggled for almost 45 minutes the first time I wore mine and tried to get them off after being on my feet for 7 hours. That sucked.


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Because that would make far too much sense. :D

I'd say split 'em, use a leather punch to punch out lacing holes and lace 'em up. But a zipper would be prettier.