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So, I've done a few searches here and there on different forums, and haven't really seen anything... Anyone ever attempt to do a recreation of the Book of Oa from Green Lantern?

I've been working on my own version of it, and I'll be updating this thread a little later tonight to show off the WIP (--be gentle!).

Its just my first version at this point. Everything has been done by hand, nothing really is pre-fab here. Even down to binding the book myself and making the cover.

I'll eventually be making a second version that'll feature some sculpted resin stuff and light up effects.

Here's the pic I based it off of:

Book_of_Oa_02 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

Alas, my book is empty, since the comic really doesn't show the Book that often, and when it has the pages are very blurry...

More pix to come tonight, but if anyone has seen it made, I'd love to see pix to compare...

WIP posted below! PICTURE HEAVY!!!
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Are you making it life size? Have you seen the movie version? The book contains stories of all the lanterns, so I guess you fill it with random stories and make it look like it belongs in the book.
Definitely not lifesize, given the scale shown in the screencap it would be bigger than my house! Funny thing is, in the different times its shown in the comics, the scale varies. Here, its gigantic...

Later in another story arc with the Guardians, its definitely smaller.

For reproduction purposes, its about 9 inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 2 inches deep.

I had to consider paper sources, at least for the first time out and go with something a little standard.

I would like to do V2 in a much larger size/scale.
Hey Lesley, here's a few things that might help. I found a few more images of the pages and it looks like it's comprised of images and text:



And the font that is used is Interlac:

Which you should be able to get from here:
Download Interlac Hollow by BluePanther font

Hope this helps! :)
Nice find Drew! I'll definitely use the font. :)

For filling the interior, I've been thinking that over--I mean if youre going to try and replicate it, might as well make it readable--so I'd probably do a fair amount of research and do character synopses/histories for the pages. But that's definitely in the far future!
One shortcut would be to copy and paste Wiki entries on the various Lanterns and just switch the font. Here's a really good resource for that :)

Green Lantern Wiki - DC Comics, Hal Jordan, Green Lantern Corps

The Wiki is almost like the Book of Oa :cool

HAHAH! So true!

I finally got the last touchups done on the "journal" style version last night. Pix are currently being uploaded so I should be able to post em tonight.

Okay, I finally got it done and pictures uploaded.

Be gentle, LOL--its just a first try!

This is really only a prototype to get the cover design down...from here I'm going to do a few different things (bigger size, thicker book, more 3D feel to the symbol, more metal fittings instead of leafing/gilt, eventually moving to a full resin cover with fully printed pages)

All the supplies, including:
11 x 17 legal paper, cream
Leather hide (pre dyed/grained/upholstery leather from Tandy)
Long arm stapler
Book corners (antiqued gold)
Eco Flow Gold color, and Super Shene
Barge Contact Cement
30mm flat glass marbles
transparent kelly green glass paint
Antique Gold Rub n Buff
Illustration Board (1/16 or 1/8 inch thickness)
Leather swabs for dyes (I found a brush to be better)
Gold and silver leaf pens

First I did all the page binding:

5 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

6A by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

7 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

And then did the cover, made from 1 thickness of the illustration board, covered by leather, with a 2 inch border for finishing. Next time, I'm going to do two thicknesses of the board, or perhaps ABS/Sintra for strength.

I also used a lightweight linen/cotton blend for the fabric portion of the binding in the book...definitely moving to heavier weight fabric.

9 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

Once the cover is made, you attach the fabric from the inner book to the cover and let it dry overnight. Then the next day, cover that with fabric or marbled paper to give that professional look. I used the same paper as the interior, but will use something heavier weight next time.

11 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

12 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr
From here, I graphed out the cover design:

13 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

Tested the size/layout/spacing of the cover:

14 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

Then started tracing, and laying on pieces:

15 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

I made the center stone from a flat floral design marble that was just clear glass, and then painted it with stained glass paint. It gave it a great color and shine! I'd love to see this light up in a future design!

I used epoxy to secure the stone...and I can now pick up the whole book just using the stone...

17 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

For lack of having easily available book hinges---and unable to find any that were not the size of barn doors, I used leather to simulate the hinges/bindings, and gilded them with Rub n Buff...

20 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

and here's the basic cover:

22 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

A few touchups later, and two coats of clear coat for shine:

24 by laserlightcollectibles, on Flickr

I have lots of things I want to change/do different on the second attempt.

Its a start though!
That's a nice first attempt! Are you going to be able to fill up the pages or will these be left blank?
On this one they'll stay blank. Because of the binding process it'd be very hard to get it all in there without resorting to a whole lot of glue.

I'm working on how to layout print pages for the next one though!
Glad to see someone else attempt this I started a small version of the book of OA to place on my self with my action figures. I got as far as the book binding before it got pushed to the side to make way for other projects. I've always meant to pick this project back up though. What I was going to do was make two copies of this book one with some text and graphics from the comic to leave on the shelf and the other I was going to leave blank to take to comic con and get writers and artists to autograph/sketch in. Great work on yours!! Glad to see someone else making one of these. BTW I think the book automatically translates it text into a language whatever species is looking at it can understand. So you could get away with English if you want to be able to read it.
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