Bolt action Blade Runner Blaster build

Hello Comrades,
Not posted a build for over a year, built plenty just to apathetic to do photos and post, nuf said . I see Blade Runner Blasters wherever I look and fancied building a working (Airsoft) bolt action P.K.D instead of my usual revolver conversions.
I found a good donor in a Ares striker as03 sniper rifle, just looked doable with a good profile.
Upper receiver a reworked version of the much talented Bill Doran blaster, body parts reworked on cad programmes the equally talented Anders p.k.d blaster.
14 inches long about 5 lbs in the hand respectable power and accuracy
led's work just didn't load that pic
I'm calling it the P.K.D Samaritan.
Any comments welcome
Sensible UK offers considered.


  • IMG_20220508_174620_839.jpg
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  • IMG_20220508_174640_787.jpg
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