Bringing the Blade Runner: Black Lotus Blaster to life


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I've been trying to get this one modelled for over a year now, since I first clapped eyes on it in Blade Runner: Black Lotus.
Joseph's old PKD, as it is in 2032, in its all-too-brief appearance.
Finally got to the point where I can build it up. I just love the sleekness of this design. Not sure who did the actual design and build of this for the show, but the things that really struck me right off the bat with this one were how long the grip is (at first seemed way too much but, the more I work with it, the more I am loving it), and then how exceptionally narrow it is compared to the original. It feels like a progression, it feels anime, and I can't wait to get this one done and see how it feels in real life.


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I really liked that design when I saw it. Was asking myself "when would someone, on the RPF, start making that weapon?":p
No need to say that I'm eager to see your next update(y)(y)
Of all my builds, Deckard’s original PKD was easily the coolest, most satisfying replica to hold. Until now. I took the Blade Runner: Black Lotus PKD and made it real, and I just love it. My new fave. The long handle & narrow body feel so right after all.

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Great design work, looks like you got all the details from Black Lotus captured. I agree it is a cool evolution of the PKD. Looking forward to your listing of the kits.
Decorative grips are coming along. Decided on 'Canon' version for the screen-accurate opaque grips with structural grip frames, and 'legacy' version for the OG-style decorative ones and, hopefully, amber grips. Working on cleaning up the grip prints for molding.
Canon kits are now available. First ones are done and go out Monday!




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