Boba Fett side arm blaster experts, need your input


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I wondered if the sidearm blaster( or at least the master) could be based on the Nemrod mini clipper?

I can't find any good reference pics.
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Very little of the Fett sidearm is visible, but it's enough to rule out the Mini Clipper.
No idea what it was made from, but it doesn't match any spearguns I've seen yet.
Fett and Cloud City security did use Nemrod holsters though.
Makes you wonder how they got so many holsters without spearguns to fit them.


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I had my eye on that holster too but decided not to pay that much since some of the straps were torn off or something.

The bottom of the grip is not the correct shape for the sidearm.

DL 44 Blaster

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I wonder what Marmit knew that perhaps others don't on what they based their sidearm from? It certainly has the squared butt end.



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I doubt Marmit knew any more than we do.
They just matched their sculpt to the bits we can see in pics (grip and muzzle).