Boba Fett help


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Hello ladies and gentlemen of the awesome RPF!
I've just about started gathering bits and pieces for an awesome Boba Fett ESB costume. Well... I've DECIDED to gather :)
Anyways, I know most pieces will be easiest/cheapest to get if they are raw casts, which means two things

1: I will need to paint the pieces according to photos and hints from people.
2: I will need to learn how to work an airbrush :love which I've been wanting to do for a while now, so that's a win :D

Therefore I will need a LOT of help from my fellow RPFers here to give me hints and tips on how to use an airbrush and also colors for the gear and last but not least; reference pics of screen used or screen accurate bits and pieces from the ESB armor.

Any help is appriciated :)

Thanks guys!



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I like the way you think :p Allthough I will do so much reading in the near future (because of work etc) that I might just wait with the airbrush leassons for now :p

Thanks! :)



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I'm KaanE over there. If you have any question you can't find the answer, ask me before opening a new thread because it would have been answered before for sure :thumbsup
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