Boba Fett helmet - Scratch build. Need help


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Hey guys, I'm new here and still figuring my way around this awesome site.
Anyway, I'm pretty new to all these prop making and pepakura stuff and I've just started trying my hand at a boba fett helmet.
I am aware that there quite a few pep files out there and pretty good ones too. But i felt adventurous and I decided to make it from scratch. I plan to go all the way with fiberglass resin and bondo. I already familiarized myself with it so no worries on that.

Anyway I free handed this boba fett template on a piece of mounting board with reference from pictures on the internet. All I used was a ruler, estimates and my head (literally cause i had to measure to fit). haha Oh bad joke. I shouldn't have tried. Anyway, this is what I have so far.

20150512_234519.jpg 20150513_001531.jpg 20150513_180035.jpg 20150513_172234.jpg

I noticed that the visor hole extended a bit too far back and I'm planning to bring it back forward in the later stages when I begin resin and bondo. The chin area was also a bit too long but I already took care of that. This is where I so desperately need help and advice. I can't figure out how to properly construct the dome on this guy. I tried triangular paneling by freehand and eyeballing on a previous helmet build attempt(it was rubbish so i threw it away) but as expected it became roundish. I did find files for the dome online but i don't think it's gonna fit this dimension. I tried googling but I couldn't get much. Any idea how I could effectively build that nice round-flattish dome?

I would really love to see this project through and have a decent helmet at the end. I'm making early preparations for this year's Epi 7 premier. I'm not expecting screen accurate product at the end but a nice looking helmet would be extremely gratifying. I could wear it to the premiere or use it as a popcorn bucket holder and go dress as a clone trooper while I eat from it. Sick. I know :(

Help? Please?
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