Boba Fett 1/4th scale

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by leftie steve, Jul 7, 2015.

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    Greetings fellow members.
    Just joined the group and thought I'd share my latest model build with you for comments/tips etc. It's a massive kit - 19 inches tall and as I've filled it with plaster to keep it stable it's probably classed and a WMD!!
    I've altered some things on the kit to portray him as he appeared in The Empire Strikes Back as I think that's the nicer of the two colour schemes (he had different gauntlets, jetpack, blaster and cloak in ROTJ). I'm currently scratch building his E33 blaster (that's an impressive 8 inches long in 1/4th scale - post pics later of WIP). I've also just bought a 1/6th scale kit of Boba but that's in his ROTJ colour scheme so the two will make a nice display together.
    Anyway - here's some pic of WIP and the finished kit. Enjoy! IMAG0074.jpg IMAG0081.jpg IMAG0108.jpg IMAG0198.jpg IMAG0200.jpg IMAG0201.jpg IMAG0228.jpg IMAG0242.jpg IMAG0300.jpg IMAG0301.jpg IMAG0305.jpg IMAG0303.jpg IMAG0306.jpg IMAG0309.jpg IMAG0311.jpg IMAG0318.jpg IMAG0321.jpg IMAG0322.jpg
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  2. Jimmer

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    Very nice. Just curious, who produced the kit?

    Again, nice work.
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    Thanks for the comments Jimmer. I bought the kit from a guy in Ireland but didn't know at the time it was a recast of the kit produced by Screamin. Having said its a recast, it was quite good but some detail was a bit "soft" so it needed defining more (by that I mean panel plins rescribed or rounded corners made square etc). Juding by theshippin box it came in, the kit originates from Thailand and the company trades as Homemedia4u on the web. They also trade on eBay under a different name as I've just received 3 kits from them as a special deal - 1/6th kits of Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett. On insepction, the kits are really good - detail is reall crisp and well defined so I'm very happy with the purchase. Kits are vinyl with some resin parts (Stormtrooper blaster and Vaders lightsabre). These will need to be made good as they aren't the best castings I've seen but easy enough to scratchbuild. Current price for the 1/4th scale Boba Fett is listing at $24.57 plus delivery - not bad as an original Screamin kit costs upwards of $100 - sometimes see it on eBay. Happy hunting!
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    Nice work. One of my ore recent projects with teh original Screamin' version of tis. It was really fun to paint. like you, I intended to do the rifle (ROTJ for mine), but haven't got to it. So my Fett stands point nothing at you!

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