Unlimited Run Bo Katan/Nite Owl Helmet Kits


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My friend Matt and I have been working on these things for a while now and I've decided to offer raw cast kits to help offset the cost of making the rest of the suits.

Here's a shot of the first raw kit, fresh out of the mold:

In addition to the main body of the helmet, the kit contains a tinted acrylic visor, and the rangefinder ear parts:

Here's three of them all painted up and assembled (plus a bit of dust on the visors):

You can follow our progress on the rest of the build here: http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/showthread.php?t=50371

Price for the raw cast kit is $180 shipped anywhere in the US. If you'd like one, please post here in this thread and I'll PM you with payment information.

Thanks for looking.
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