star wars clones wars

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  1. Qui gons gin

    Building a Phase 1 clone trooper helmet, (customized 2008 Hasbro helmet) - lockdown project.

    Intro With the lockdown still happening I thought It would be a good time to share what the project I’ve been working on. Around last June, I’d seen someone online convert their old hasbro clone helmet, into the real thing! And I was inspired to make my own. After some experimentation, I was...
  2. Jake Kassnoff

    Bo Katan Mandalorian Helmet Build

    Build Footage:
  3. Ryzer117

    Clone Trooper Foam Full Armor (With Free Files)

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to share the Armor that I made and the foam files that I used to make my armor below. The files were heavily modified from the BSD Rex files that I found online. I would say the armor is 95% screen accurate to the TCW version of the clone trooper, so it is not...
  4. Jake Kassnoff

    Phase II Clone Trooper Helmet out of EVA Foam

    I recently discovered that White EVA foam exists so I'm making storm trooper armor because I won't have to paint it:
  5. jsummit

    Nerf Star Wars Biker Scout Blaster

    Here's our full mod process of a Nerf Triad EX3 into a Star Wars Biker Scout Blaster!
  6. Jake Kassnoff

    Darth Maul Clone Wars Lightsaber

    I thought it would be fun to make Maul's saber with an exposed kyber crystal:
  7. Thank The Maker

    Boba Fett - Clone Wars - Bounty Helmet

    Boba Fetts non-mandalorian helmet from the clone wars episode “Bounty” has long been one of my favourite helmet designs in the SWU. I love how menacing it is, but The main problem is that it looks completely impractical without some kind of technology from 'a long time ago’ helping out with the...
  8. D

    What resin should I use for my pepakura project?

    Hey, Shadows here. I just got interested in pepping and I already have an "ARF Trooper" from star wars assembled. I wasn't wise enough to look ahead and think about what resin I should use. Time is not a problem for me, I have plenty that I can use. What I am looking for is something: Cheap...
  9. Breaker1Crazy

    Reinforce High inmpact PolyStyrene?

    I'm working on a Phase 2 Clone trooper helmet for a gift. I plan on vacuum forming the pieces and right now I've almost got all the bucks finished. I've heard a good thickness to use for HIPS is 1/8" but online is too expensive and locally they won't sell me less than an 4x8' sheet which is $80...
  10. Jake Kassnoff

    How To Make A Kyber Crystal

  11. S

    Captain Rex helmet

    Does anyone have an unfolded paper file for a Captain Rex helmet build? I've been looking for awhile with no luck. Thanks
  12. Codyrobs777

    Clone Scuba Trooper Helmet from Star Wars Clone Wars (2003)

    Here is my clone scuba trooper helmet I made based off of the original 2003 clone wars series. This seems to be a forgotten character in Star Wars and I've only seen one other helmet and costume on the internet so I thought I would make my own helmet.
  13. CommanderTano

    Bondo as a mold shell?

    I've been researching mold making techniques, reading articles, watching videos, and researching products for months in preparation for a new project of mine. I'd like to make an Ahsoka Tano costume and the lekku/montrals have proven quite difficult. My plan as of right now is sculpting the...
  14. CommanderTano

    Ahsoka Tano Headpiece from silicone and foam

    I'm planning on making an Ahsoka Tano costume and I've been doing loads of research on materials and methods that I might use. In order to have the lekku move like I'd like them to, as well as having the montrals remain upright, I've narrowed my options down to casting silicone and expanding...
  15. P

    ARC Trooper Fives armour kit?

    I've been searching for a bit now and I can't find this or even a normal Clone Trooper costume kit to save my life. All I can find are people showing off their own armour costumes and they're awesome! I'd love to be able to find one and make a Fives costume from it. Hoping someone here can help...
  16. The14thDr

    R4-P17 on a budget...

    Although I love R2-D2 (who doesn't, right?) I've always wanted a more obscure and unique droid from the movies. Whilst searching through images of the various astromechs from the movies, I fell in love with R4 straight away, with it's crimson dome and "reversed" colour scheme. This is actually...
  17. BLADE and BRUSH

    Republic Gunship - Modification and repaint of the Revell pocket kit

    For my second video I present the tiny Republic Gunship by Revell of Germany. It has been modified and painted to represent my favorite color scheme, as depicted in the original Clone Wars animation. I've edited this video a little bit differently to my first, based on feedback. I hope you...
  18. wedge86

    Mandalorian Royal Guard Helmet

    When I started this I really had no intention of posting it. In fact, I wasn't really thrilled by the design. However, I haven't seen it done before so I decided to try my hand at making a Mandalorian Royal Guard helmet originally seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The further along I got in...
  19. GunnerBill

    DC15a Clone Trooper Blaster Rifle - ***COMPLETE***

    Presently WIP but will be finished soon: A DC15a Clone Trooper blaster rifle has always been on the cards so having some time I'm making two! We also wanted a sniper variant for a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter outfit.
  20. conord

    Has anyone had experience with Hass Dardo's Clone Trooper pepakura files?

    Hey guys, how's it going? I know it's a pretty specific question, but I was hoping someone might be able to give me an idea of the complexity/accuracy of the files, and maybe a picture or two of a build completed with his files (he actually sent a picture of his files and now the complexity is...
  21. cwstandards

    Clone Trooper Foam Build

    Hey Ladies and Gents, I started a build for a female version of Captain Rex from Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series. After reading so many posts on RPF I figured why not start my own thread of the build I've been working on/off for the past few months. As a brief synopsis of what I have...
  22. Jake Kassnoff

    Clone Wars Battle Droid

    working on a droid for a youtube sketch:
  23. Jake Kassnoff

    Battle Droid

    I'm working on a clone wars battle droid!
  24. Jake Kassnoff

    Captain Rex Clone Helmet Conversion

    Super easy cosplay
  25. shwarzwald

    Hasbro clone helmet upgrade

    Howdy y'all. Figure this is as good as any place to post this. So over the past few months I've been slowly improving one of those hasbro clone helmets that came out like ten years ago. Been a mildy fun experience. Not exactly done yet, but still moving slowly. Before and current. As...

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