Blue X2 Jackets?


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I was wondering what ever happened with the blue X-men jackets worn in the scene where the X-men are in the woods with Magneto in X2? I know someone made some and I was wondering how accurate they were to the screen used jackets. I tried to do a search but I couldn't find anything on the RPF. Can anyone chime in with pics or info? If possible I might be interested in buying one.


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I have 4 or 5 of these left in XL and XXL sizes, if you would like one shoot me a pm, I will post some pics after work today.



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The sizes are too big. Let me know if you make any more. OR.....if you would possibly help me out with some info on the jacket I may look into making one myself.


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Yup, I wanted one too but I'm not that big a boy. :(

Wait...I should be happy that I'm not an XL. :)

Max Jenius

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@Jan 17 2006, 07:29 AM
I'd be interested in one if the sizes were M or L
I will check and see if I can find a Large one.
Awesome. PMed you.