Blaster, circa 1996...Anybody know who made it?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Java, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Java

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    I got this as a graduation present in 1996:


    It's made entirely of resin except the scope and rail, and its done very well. Clean casting, assembly, etc.
    I figured somebody here made it, and I had always wondered who. Anybody know?
  2. Jeeves

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    I had one that looked like that a LONG time ago - probably around 1996. It was from a guy who advertised sometimes in Starlog, or another sci fi mag, IIRC. The outfit was called "Universal Armorer". Just like yours, mine had the odd post-mounted scope, and a little brass tubing stuck in the exposed bolt area, around the ejector port, and no charging handle.

    Similar light weathering on it as well. No guarantees that this is what it is, but it's a guess.

    edit: what's trippin' me out is that mine didn't come with the "faux" spring painted in the groove, but I did that myself. It looks surprisingly similar to my old one, though. Now I'm wondering you have MY old blaster. ha ha.


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  3. Jedi Lawja

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    I have one too. Mine is entirely resin, as far as I can tell, but the scope and mounting rail were originally made of WOOD. Can see the grain in the resin. Thought it WAS wood until I found a tiny resin bubble. Mine has an inch-long charging 'handle', plus the painted 'spring' and the brass cylider in the bolt. :)

  4. Java

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    Yep, there was an ad in the back of one of those Sci-Fi mags that my wife ordered it from. Isn't UA kinda bad mojo, or am I confusing them with somebody else?

    Funny thing about that blaster - when I first got it, my brother (ex-army) came over, picked it up and proceeded to try and pull back on the handle to * to weapon. That's why you can't see it in this pic - he broke it off. :lol
  5. Riskbreaker

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    UA = bad mojo.
  6. Treadwell

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    Yeah, that's the same kit I got from UA back in 1999. Knowing UA as we do now, it was probably recast from someone else's kit.

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