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I really didn't want to start a whole thread to ask this, but forgive me, I didn't want to hijack someone else's thread.

I have never seen BR, but really think I'd like it (save for the odd spoiler I have picked up around here just by accidentally reading them).

Can someone suggest a version to watch for the best first viewing? Ridley Scott has released enough to give me a headache deciding. Is there an opinion among fans? Regular, director's cuts, final version? Etc.? I have read the movie makes more sense with Deckard's naration?

you want the regular theatrical release with the voice over narration. THEN watch the directors cut which isnt really anything too different minus the voice over. Silly really.
Watch the Theatrical Release first. It simply is the fastest way to get what is happening.

Maybe you can derive it on your own, but you're already probably spoiled for a true first viewing anyway, so there is no way to know.

And frankly ALL the rest of the versions just seem like a big waste of time. None of them really change the movie in any significant way, regardless of the standard fanboy rhetoric coming from some Film School wannabe/reject.

None of these retro-editing jobs ever turn out better.

Daredevil is the rare case that the Director's Cut was better, but it was made that way and changed by the studio to suck.
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Theatrical should be first.
As many of us saw it back in the day.

I'd only suggest to view it at night, alone, undisturbed, beginning to end.
Agreed with the above posts. I LIKE the Narration, as a kid I picked up that it was supposed to be a 1930s/40s noir detective movie set in the future.
Just watch the Final Cut. It's the best version of the movie, the one that was always intended by Ridley. The studio made him add the stupid narration. It's awful.
You've got a lot of lost time to make up.

Watch ALL the versions and get back here and Report! ;)
Holy S--T...I wish I could watch it again for the first time. Once I get that pesky flux capacitator going...should be a done deal.
If a film with many "layers" that you have to figure out yourself, ISN'T your thing- watch the original theatrical cut first.

Not trying to sound like an elitist or film snob- I like films that make me think, or that I "get" only after multiple viewings. My wife on the other hand "hates that ****". :lol

It's more or less spelled out for you with the narration, AND it has an "alternate" ending.

The "Final Cut" would be my second choice (as opposed to the Director's Cut): no narration, tightened up editing of scenes (which were longer when the narration was originally there and thus drag when the narration was removed for the "Director's Cut") some "mistakes" have been corrected (like the number of replicants that escaped), and it has the "open ended" ending.

Blade Runner was one of my favourite movies growing up (saw it in the theater in 1982... when I was 12 :eek).

Your mileage may vary. ;) :)

I have to agree with the first few reccomendations.I also suggest watching the theatrical relase first, then finish off with a viewing of "the final cut" which is really an improved directors cut.It is flawless.Best to view it alone in the dark so you can fully absorb the film.The final cut(I.M.O) as stated above is the best version of the film.It essentially is what Ridley Scott originally wanted to show and how the film was meant to be seen.
For me the theatrical cut was the movie I fell in love with, so that's usually my recommendation for a first-time viewing. But it depends on what you want out of it. To me, the voice-over is what really makes it feel like a film noir detective story- just one set in the future, even if the narration is a little ham-fisted at times. And that future noir sensibility is what I loved about it.

With time I've grown to appreciate all the variations of the film because they do make it something slightly different and enjoyable in their own right. But without being able to rewind time and watch one of them as my first ever viewing, it's impossible for me to say whether they stand on their own or would appeal to me as much as the original did.

That said, even loving the theatrical version as I do I don't particularly like the happy ending and prefer the alternate endings.
I can't stand that the ending of the film is referred to as a happy ending.

ALL you see is them driving off. You have no idea what happened in the next town.

How in hell is that a happy ending?

And Roy and Deckard sitting on the roof with no voice over is agonizing to watch. I can not imagine how anyone that doesn't already know that scene could stomach it.
I can't stand that the ending of the film is referred to as a happy ending.

ALL you see is them driving off. You have no idea what happened in the next town.

How in hell is that a happy ending?

Really? :rolleyes

Because they are together and happy. And because it is the last we see of them it is the ending.

You could say that "any" happy ending isn't with your logic. Pretty Woman had a happy ending, but Gere and Roberts could have ended up dying in a plane crash the next day for all we know.

Pretty Woman had a happy ending. So did the theatrical cut of BR. :rolleyes

It is called a "Happy Ending" because they are driving off into a pretty landscape, and not the over-indutrialized one we see at the beginning of the film. Completely undoes the vision and concepts of the film. The studio didn't want people leaving the film too depressed after the previews of the workprints came back.

I would agree that the "Final Cut" is really just a cleaned up and fixed version of the "Directors Cut". No reason to see the DC anymore really, except for curiosity. I wish I knew what this film would have meant to me without seeing the "Theatrical Cut" first. I can still hear some of the narration to this day, no matter what version I see.

I would say if you are one of those rare people that prefers art films over less ambiguous stuff, see the F.C. first, otherwise check out the original T.C. (european version) first just to catch you up a little with the rest of us long time fans. just keep in mind that after viewing it a few times, the narration will become annoying and prevent you from seeing the film for it's pure vision, and atmosphere. The F.C. is now my favorite version of the film, but I still like to switch it up once in a while ;)

The studio foisted the VO on Ridley in a time in his career where he couldn't tell them to F off. Watch the Final Cut or the Director's Cut, if you're against VFX cleanup and things.
Yes, but she has him to protect her now. They basicaly ride off into the sunset. It still resembles a "Happy ending" even if you are too stuck on proving a point to get it.

It is also a lot happier than what could have been. In one of the final scripts he takes her to a secluded place and shoots her. Any ending without everybody dying, and with a glimmer of hope can be called a "Happy Ending"...not the same as the ones you might get at the asian massage palor maybe ;).

I say if by comparison, their new status is better than they were in the film, it is "Happier", and since they don't show a spinner hot on their tail, like it was in one script, this by every means fits the description of what a "Happy Ending" is. Especially since it was shown that Gaff let them both go. I also see them as pawns in a chess game that were set up to be sacrificed, but the game ended before they were. They are now safe until the next game they may become part of.

Still this is a lot more than that. Their driving off into the countryside, completely says "they are headed away from their lives of strife and danger in the city and to a place of with at least some chance for a better life." Not only could I make the point that this is a happy ending by just this film's standard, I could also argue that it is the "Iconic" and even cliche' idea of one.

Way to spoil it for the guy who hasn't seen it yet guys :lol

TGG, You can be our test subject.
Watch it without narration first please, then with narration then let us know what you think.
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