Unlimited Run Blade Runner inspired light up chessboard


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Hi Bash,

Beautiful stuff, I'm very interested indeed! UK buyer. Set would be:

*Chamfered sides
*UK plug
*Danish oil
*Laser engraving on the underside, if that's possible? Does the board in the movie have the Tyrell logo?

Once again, stunning work! Just managed to cop a set of British Birds on eBay. Don't think it's the Blade Runner set but probably the earlier ones from Remetrex(?). Anyway, looking forward to putting them on one of your fine boards!


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Also Bash, if the LEDs don't eat up too much juice for it to be viable, have you considered fitting a battery and having it charge/powered via detachable USB cable?

(Basically I wanna take it down the pub and play!)


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Btw, can I ask what the actual board itself is made of (playing area)? Looks like frosted perspex to me, with the grid painted on..? Did you paint it on the underside or topside?

Or are these individually boxed off LEDs under the lit square, with the black squares unlit?

Ok, must confess: trying to make my own as a bit of a project in the meantime, in case you don't do another run. Not staying faithful to the movie, managed to get a cool Chinese wooden set that I'm trying to cyberpunk up. Looking for advice, in other words!

Also, you say that the outside diameter is 44cms - that includes the wooden frame? Reason I ask is that the pieces are bloody huge, and you'd need a 50x50 board to play with them comfortably. For me, I don't just want an ornament - I want a board I can play on. The people making those replica pieces recommend a 50x50 and I can see why - any less and the birds are brushing shoulders (wings?).

My current plan for my own is to fit a frosted perspex board to my wooden frame and mount ws2812 LEDs underneath it (diffuse the light), controllable via bluetooth, and then I can dim or intensify the light as necessary, change colours, programme patterns... Slightly ambitious I think but you've got to find some way to pass a long London winter lockdown! Have been prototyping with glass boards (tenner secondhand on ebay) but they're all too small and don't diffuse the LEDs sufficiently. Trial and error...

Anyway, best wishes,

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Heyo, I also would be interested in a board like this at some point. Not really in a hurry. Just posting so that in case Bash comes back I hopefully get notified :D

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