Blade Runner 2049 props and replicas


So this is what the case is looking like so far. I got an LAPD seal on it with a “R.Deckard” label.

Just ordered me a box of Ultraviolet LUMI-SHOCK .44 rounds from CaliberCraftProps over on Etsy

I’m also about to order this medallion to put on the top of my box.

And I also just had to include a little easter egg by writing Tomenusuke in Japanese on the side of the box for fun :)

It’s been a minute, anyway, just got in the bullets today, they look and feel amazing. Haven’t done anything new other than that. Still tracking down an old gun cleaning kit to fill in the empty space where the tool section is with the screwdriver. Gonna order the badge in the next month. Hope y’all like this, trying to make it look like an actual case instead of a display.


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Anyone ever notice that Star Trek Deep Space Nine uses the same Cibi whiskey glasses made famous by Blade Runner? I've been watching it over from the beginning and they show up quite often. If it's not then then it's a good imitation.

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