Blade runner 1982 johnnie walker black label whiskey bottle


Hello I'm looking for a replica johnnie walker black label whiskey bottle like the one seen in the first blade runner film from 1982. I know there was a limited run made years ago and then a man in Italy had fixed the molds at one point and made a few more for purchase but as of now I can't find any reliable place or thread with a legit movie replica bottle, does anyone know of any?


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They're pretty scarce at this point, both the Italy and China versions. They show up on ebay occasionally, as well as the junkyard.
This may be more appropriate to list in the Want to Buy section so people know you're looking for one.

Edit: Oh, I see you already posted a duplicate thread in the Want to Buy section. That's your best bet, and keep an eye on the JY as well as ebay. Good luck

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