Bit of help with my Cap Shield please

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    image4.jpeg First up thanks to all those that have posted so far and made it possible to get to where I am in the project.

    I'm now just chasing a few more details;

    As per the picture I attached, my brushed Aluminium star has turned out a lot brighter than my steel ring and I want to know of any suggestions to either dull the star or brighten up the ring to get them somewhere closer to each other.

    So far the shield currently (Which is accurate to the time the pic was taken) the shield has had 2 light and a medium to heavy coat of Rustolereum Gloss clear coat.

    • Does the shield need more clear coat?
    • Best technique for wetsanding the clearcoat? Then buffing?
    • Do you clear coat the star (not attached yet, to be JB welded on after I'm finished with the shield)
    • How to dull the star or shine the shield?
    • Do you clear coat the back of the shield? If so do you leave a spot for the mounting tape like you did with the star?

    Thanks very much for your help, I am so excited and want to finish this shield off properly as I am so happy with the results so far.

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    That's looking really cool! I hope to do a Cap Shield some day.

    (Sorry I can't help with your questions)

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