Bishoujo Rogue Costume (Finished Project)

I recently finished a commission for a Rogue outfit based on the Bishoujo statue seen here:


First I'll show some WIPs, then I'll show the finished product. The bodysuit is made out of three fabrics: green moleskin matte spandex, yellow moleskin matte spandex, and another (lighter) yellow layered on top of the moleskin. Yellow can be a little transparent sometimes, so I say better safe than sorry! There is an invisible zipper up the back, and two large snaps to close the collar. I elected to do the green rectangles and black triangles as separate, removable pieces.


The final jacket is made out of dark brown, pre-distressed lambskin leather (four hides total) with a ripstop nylon padded collar, and brown rayon lining. I started with a very basic jacket mockup to get the shape down, then I added in extra panels/style lines later.


And, I'm a firm believer in not doing everything myself (hey, you can only be good as so much stuff!) so I enlisted the help of JPM Coachworks for the X logo embroidery and Fevereon for the belt accessories (pictures below).


Here is more of the leather jacket coming together. The jacket body is three pieces per side (combined side panels), with the back being extra wide so it could be folded as an inverted pleat (good for expansion and movement).


On to the leather gloves and boots! I hate making gloves, so whenever possible, I will buy a pair and paint them. This way, I'd be able to match the glove and boot colors, too. I cut the fingers off the gloves, painted them, removed the lining at the top 1/2" of the fingers, then rubber cemented the hem into place. For the boots, I cut about 4" off the total length, reattached the cuffs, and used the extra leather I cut off to make the belt loops. I used Angelus Paint in yellow. Beer bottles make good glove holders, by the way.


Next post is for finished photos!
Awesome! :D I mix both the traditional animated and this version a bit in my cosplay lol. (the hair mainly)

I'm interested in the rest!
Here is the full outfit!






Thank you to JPM for the beautiful X logo embroidery and thank you to Fevereon for the cool, black chest triangles, and the big belt buckle and loops (seen above).

Thanks for looking!
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