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Hey new hunter here, I ws wondering if anyone could help me, I am currently trying to figure out how to make a bio mask that I could wear without a yautja mask. I have been checking around the Lair on the different forums but can't seem to find anything but the bio masks you would wear with a full yautja mask. My hunter is a human female that was raised by the Yautjas and unforunately no one seems to have any tutorials for a bio mask for a human face. I figured if anyone could help me it would be you guys cause I have seen some awesome suits and bio masks on here. Any help would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks!
I have five different bios that I don't use a mask for.  I attached the dreads directly to the underside of the rim, and I wear a black hoodf under them so you can't see my face and neck.

Like this:

What I did for my bio(no Yautja mask) was use an old hockey mask and glue cardboard to it, then I had a had with dreadlocks sewn on.
I did not make this video and its not mine but it does show how easy it is. I followed these loosely and made some alterations to the design and I'm happy with my bio mask. N.B. the dreads, if you put enough in, will hide the back of the mask so people won't see that it is a full head helmet.

Hope this helped.
I use an elastic strip that goes around my head just above the ears, and another one that goes from the top of the mask down the back of my head and attaches to the other strip. It's nice and secure. The trick is putting it on without catching one of the dreads in there.  ;)
Is there a way to make a bio helmet without templates and such I mean i get the basic idea from the video but it would help even more how to start from the very beginning on shaping and cutting the pieces needed i guess.
predSCARS SCAR said:
try to use pepakura that way you can remove the helmet and do the face reveal
and to do that I need a printer which I do not currently own, and even with a printer Is it possible to get actual size out and what type of paper?
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