Biker Scout Trooper Helmet (RS Prop Masters)


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You all know the quality and accuracy that RS Props put into all of their offerings. But this was my first RS helmet and I was not disappointed. The build quality and weathering is just fantastic. And seeing and holding this in person is so much more impressive in person than online. Thanks to everyone at RS Prop Masters for keeping the dream alive.

I picked this up during their Black Friday sale last Oct and received it a few weeks ago. Here are a few photos to capture their latest weathering example.

One thing to note is for anyone with a head circumference greater than 56cm, this may not fit. I have the straps maxed out and it is a snug fit.

In case anyone is interested I have a build log on the blaster from Polymer Armory here.

I also put together a brief video for those that like to hear me ramble



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