Biker scout neck seal?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by vaderr2, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. vaderr2

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    Okay, whats everone using for a neck seal on their scout trooper outfits? Is the regular stormtrooper one good? If so do you wear it over or under the flight suit? Boy I wish would get back on line. Sincerely Brian
  2. Funky

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    I just used to use the black ninja mask under the helmet and tuck it in to the flightsuit neck.
  3. BlindSquirrel

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    I made a neck seal for my Halo Master Cheif armor that is simiar in appearance to the Troopers'. I use black Foamies (fun foam sheet) heated and stretched over 1/4" wooden dowels for the ribs. It turned out great and was only a few bucks.
  4. Dreadmel

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    I wear a stormie neckseal and use a skull cap from UnderArmor. Others I know wear a balaclava (sp?).
  5. deralis

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    they diddn't have neck seals ... I just wear a Balaclava(a 2$ beannie w/a face area cut out) very cheap to make
  6. Bountyhunter Niko

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    Just pull the COLLAR of your jumpsuit up. :thumbsup

    With the zip done all the up and the collar up ; no neck skin should be seen. I know this isnÂ’t movie exact. But it is much cooler and has worked for me.


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    I use a black fleece head band. Just put it around the neck for a 'neck seal' . It works great and only cost a buck.
  8. Rotton

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    I did use a turtle neck, or "dickie" style turtleneck, but the collar and a Balaclava works fine. I use the Under Armor hood, but any would do. There is a cut scene pic with that style hood, but is unclear on any type of next seal. I agree, there was no actual neckseal, just a cover for your neck and back of head and chin. good luck.

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