big brother


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y thank you sir, thats why i do it , because i know what i like to see as a fan so i try to incorparate that in everything i do but thnks again bro

Tiny Evil

New Member
this concept really rocks, totally love it o_O
I sorta laughed when I read you wanted to make him look like a flower but the drawing proved me wrong, it's kind of epic actually :3

War Predator

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this looks awsome. i love the hardened armour with the orange glow underneith.

looks totally beast, i cant wait to see it come to life.


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y thnk you sir, i am currently waiting on the clay to arrive, and the second it does ill sculpt the face and bio helmet and then once rge manniquen arrives ill start sculpting the body. there will be latex copies for anyone interested in purchasing a " BIG BROTHER " costume

War Predator

New Member
the bio helmet reminds me of like a Hades kind of God of War character that fights for good and not evil. o_O

Oh, yea.. is big brother a "bad blood" or good pred?
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