Behold - Iron Doom! - For the Love of Costume Mash Ups


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I always like the costume mash ups - zombie spiderman, disco vader, joker jedi. So, I came across the idea of a combination of Iron Man and Dr Doom and couldn't believe it has never been done before. I have to admit this was not my original idea or artwork.

Here is my first attempt which was only possible because of this board. I got the most awesome Iron man costume from Masked Rider - excellent service, out of this world quality and jaw dropping results. Customized the helmet, wardrobe, accessories and brought the attitude to the character.

Take look, provide some feedback to a first timer, provide suggestions. Thanks again for the inspiration


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Re: Behold - Iron Doom!

did you paint over Leslee's paint job? or did you get the suit primered and that pic with the iron man suit painted is just for reference for us?


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Re: Behold - Iron Doom!

I did not get the suit painted from Leslie, it only had the primer on it. The next step is to get some auto paint and give it a little more shine.


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Re: Behold - Iron Doom!

I love mash up costumes. A wee while back I done a few graphic mock up posters of mash up.

Iron trooper and cap fett


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Re: Behold - Iron Doom!

That is awesome. I will be honest I don't like the material very well, it doesn't hang and show off the armor underneath, but its epic.


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Re: Behold - Iron Doom!

You've got to love these conceptual crossovers, really creative & fun!

Halo Spartan/Master Chief armour is another great costume for paint variations.


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I was there at Comicon to see your costume in person. It is incredible. Some chrome or silver metallic paint would make it complete.

Paul D.


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Thanks for the complement, it was a great time. Yeah, I think some sterling silver auto paint will make it pop more
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