1. 305primus

    Doom Eternal slayer EVA foam costume build

    The title says it all, I’m in the middle of building this and the torso is about half finished will post some pics tomorrow probably

    Doom Eternal Slayer Cosplay Helmet Build

    In today's video, I build the Doom Slayer's Helmet from Doom Eternal. The direct sequel to Doom (2016) The Doom Slayer's Praetor suit saw a full overhaul of its armor design.I really liked the armor a lot. So much that I 3D modeled the armor and converted the models into Foam Pepakura File...
  3. Paszcov

    Praetor Suit (beginner)

    I’m just now thinking of getting into cosplaying and prop making and the first actual “armor” I wish to make is of the doom guy/slayer from either doom 2016 or eternal. I have the body type for it and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for creating a detailed work like this? Should I...
  4. xdarkx

    DOOM frag grenade

    DOOM frag grenade Ever since I played the DOOM videogame I have loved every weapon of the series, they look and play like no other in my opinion and so I took it upon myself to model the frag grenade from the DOOM 2016 video game. Took me about 3-5 hours to model this and about 1 extra hour...
  5. zanefielding

    Doom Cacodemon Costume

    So, I finally decided to bite the bullet and do my first cosplay. I toyed around with about a dozen ideas but I wanted to try something I have never seen before. I decided to go with the Cacodemon from Doom. I am going into this with a couple self-assigned restrictions. 1. Completed costume by...
  6. The BenT One

    Medieval Dr. Doom costume build - NOOB BUILDER

    Hey everyone! I just joined the site, and I'm excited to get working on my first costume. My initial idea was to make full Doctor Doom costume out of cardboard, but a flash in inspiration took me down a different road. The plan now it to build a version of the Doctor Doom suit, but inspired...
  7. F

    Dr. Doom / Iron Man Hybrid!

    This falls slightly under the original category, but not really. Dr. Doom has always been one of my favorite 2nd tier villains in the marvel universe and it's about time I did something to show it! The idea is, what if in the marvel cinematic universe, Victor Doom exists and manages to get his...
  8. LucasMcFly

    Doctor Doom: My FIRST ever build!

    Howdy y'all! So, I recently went to my first Comic-Con (something I've been wanting to do for a very long time :lol)and straight after I was already planning on going to the next one and thinking of my costume. I'd noticed there weren't all too many villains (seems almost everyone wants to be...
  9. James Drew

    Doctor Doom WIP

    hello :)/ i have just been reading load of threads on here learning stuff so i thought i'd make a thread to show what i'm doing and maybe get some help along the way. this is my first time making any thing like this and it is very fun :D doctor doom, using pep/fiberglass method this is the 3d...
  10. Kormier

    DOOM Videogame / Movie Pep files ??

    Hi everybody. I'm looking for pep files for a DOOM or DOOM II game character helm and armor. I remember my parents freeking out on me for constantly keeping the house phone line busy with my 56K modem to connect with my buddy to play DOOM deathmatch on my IBM 486 DX266.... Oh 1993, the good...
  11. virg012

    Behold - Iron Doom! - For the Love of Costume Mash Ups

    I always like the costume mash ups - zombie spiderman, disco vader, joker jedi. So, I came across the idea of a combination of Iron Man and Dr Doom and couldn't believe it has never been done before. I have to admit this was not my original idea or artwork. Here is my first attempt which was...
  12. Guardian Devil

    Doom - Sarge's Knife

    I've wanted something from Doom for a while and love the display for this item, so just splashed out on the knife used by The Rock as 'Sarge'. A big thanks to Sian at Propstore for the help with this and other pieces! :thumbsup This and various other items can be seen on my site by clicking...