Bayonetta Onyx Roses shotguns


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Hey guys! I`m a Bayonetta cosplayer and would like to know if anyone has some idea as to how could i make this, mainly the gun structure cause i know the barrels can be pvc tubes :3

well, here`s the best pic i could find..


Wes R

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I think you could make parts of them from a lever action rifle from dollar general, there is a pump shotgun airsoft on amazon cheap for the grip and the barrels you could either go with pvc pipe or the toy shotguns at dollar general as the barrels look about right. the main body would require some work using sheet styrene to build up the lever action rifle. I'd say build one and get it copied in resin but it seems like a lot of cons are banning even resin props.


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Wes has a really good idea, people have done some amazing work with modifying toy guns, shows really good examples with how far they can go.

I'm not sure how a pep based gun would turn out, I've mostly seen pep based armors.

Aside from that, if you're handy with cutting MDF and forming styrene I've seen some masterpieces by Blind Squirrel

Blind Squirrel Props: Ergo Proxy Shotgun
Blind Squirrel Props: Outlaw Star Caster Gun
Blind Squirrel Props: Devil May Cry: Dante's Guns

Specifically come in mind.

It all comes down to budget and time. Good luck!
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