Battlestar Galactica 1978 Cylon Centurion Costume


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First full suit up in my Cylon costume, still some things to adjust and some upgrades coming like the metal skirt material, it's very slowly making its way here from China, but I have to say I'm pretty pleased with it. Most of the suit is from Kropserkel with the exception of the backpack and ribs which was sourced from CORA who was recommended on the By Your forums. I had the Chroming done by Ultrachome in Quincy IL. The awesome rifle is from the Dutch Cylon , as is the holster for the pistol. Pistol I made myself it was 3D printed and I installed lights and sound. Sword hilt and sheath were also from CORA the blade was 3D printed. Gloves are vintage 1970's Cooper hockey gloves converted to Cylon gloves like the original show. The under suit isn't as dark as it appears on the pics, need a better lighting set up! I'll be getting a new undersuit made by paarexcellence in a few months if all goes well. I'm waiting on the inner Ankle pieces from CORA to arrive, the one is the pics are just styrene with chrome vinyl over em.

Since I know a lot of people end up starting a Cylon and not finishing due to the chrome i have to fully recommend Ultrachome in Quincy IL, They did a great job on my backpack and the price was very reasonable and I had it back in two weeks! Check out their Facebook page if you want to contact them UltraChrome
IMG_20200423_202851210_1 by Aaron Brigman, on Flickr
IMG_20200423_203126774_1 by Aaron Brigman, on Flickr
IMG_20200423_203039525_1 by Aaron Brigman, on Flickr
IMG_20200423_203354820_1 by Aaron Brigman, on Flickr

And a short video


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Outstanding looks great and thanks for the info. Sometime projects like this can be a budget breaker and folks just have to abandon it or keep saving up for the next item on the list.

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