Battlestar Galactica pryamid/triad outfit


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Here is pictures of my attempt at a Battlestar Galactica Pyramid/Triad costume


  • Triad outfit front view.jpg
    Triad outfit front view.jpg
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  • Triad outfit side view.jpg
    Triad outfit side view.jpg
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  • Triad outfit Back view.jpg
    Triad outfit Back view.jpg
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Any help on keeping knee pads to stay up over the knees would be a big help also looking for help with a helmet or ball to go with the outfit would be big help.
Jmvgreek1 Great job on putting the Triad gaming uniform together. I know you still have tweaking to do etc etc. On the TOS BSG 1978 they used a standard volley ball and painted it silver. Reasonable for time simple prop to make at cost pics below for reference. You might score one Ebay or a Goodwill store you never know. Here are some more reference photos for you below. The Triad helmet is a vintage cycling padded helmet old school. As for the shin guards and knee pads they look to be sewn into the legging from what i have seen on TV and photos below. Keep at it nothing good ever comes easy.

Volley ball white.jpg
Painted in silver Volley ball.jpg

Triad Top Padding Ref.jpg
Triad Shin Guards.jpg
Triad Shin Guards Pic 2.jpg
Triad helmet vintage cycling helmet.jpg
Padded helmet.jpg
Thank you the photo of the helmet is just what is needed now to find one. And thanks about the ball also.

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