Batman Beyond WIP


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Hey guys,

I recently started work on a Batman Beyond costume that I will wear to the Dark Knight Rises premiere. A whole group of my friends are going too and we will all be dressed as a different Batman, with the exception of the Christopher Nolan Batman, because he will already be there on the silver screen! I will put up some pictures of what I have so far!


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Thanks guys!
And for the mask, I am going to use black spandex with a pattern similar to the one MCL34N used for his Spiderman mask, although mine will have holes for the ears. I am probably going to use cardstock layers rolled into cones and covered in black spandex for the ears.

As for attaching the mask, I will probably sew it in the front and have velcro in the back so I can pull it over like a reverse hood.

Also, does anybody have any suggestions for making the lenses? Initial thoughts were to paint some window screen white, but I'm not sure how well that would work...


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I'm definatly interested in seeing the mask. I always thought the Batman Beyond costume was BA! Good luck!


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I would advise against a velcro close mask if you can avoid it. I've never liked masks that close with velcro, as they never seem to stay closed for me. I think you'd be happier with a mask you could slip on as one piece, or even if you had a really thin zipper in the back.


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Hey guys, thanks for looking! I just finished up the mask, it is all one piece as I did decide against velcro (thanks for the advice!)
The eyes are par of a sanding mesh my dad had and I just used gloss white spray paint to cover them. The visibility is actually quite excellent!

The ears are actually made of paint stirrers, as they are the right length already and I only had to cut them to points...

So here it is, I hope you like it!

I will post a full costume shot soon...


That looks great! A suggestion for the lenses, if you wanted to upgrade them, would be something like atv/snowboard goggles that have the reflective lenses. I have seen them in every color and they work like a 2 way mirror. The white ones would look excellent on that mask, IMO.
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