Batman 89 cowl replica complete build pics and an introduction!


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Hey everyone!

I think I posted once or twice on here but it was a good while ago so I thought I'd introduce myself and post the latest project I finished up.

My name is Nat (or Nate, doesn't bother me), 24 living in England and I'm known on pretty much every forum as TheKingaSwing so some of you here may know me from the Brotherhood of the Bat/Cave/the Effects Lab/Makeup and FX forum etc. If I know you and you have a different name on here, let me know! :lol

Anyway, Batman is my first love and being a budding costume/makeup fx artist, I've done 2 cowls (technically 3 but the first was horrible) this 89 and an Arkham Asylum cowl that I'll throw in some pics of at the end of this thread.

So here we go!

Original clay sculpt on my own lifecast.



Final fiberglass master sprayed with gray primer.


First layer of silicone brushed on, the clay around the base will become clear later.

Second layer colored differently for better coverage

And after 5 layers of silicone, nice chunky keys were added to make sure theres no sagging in the jacket.


3 piece fiberglass mold jacket. 3 pieces made removing it easier when demolding the hard master, if I remove the jacket I keep it in 2 pieces. Front flange needs more trimming though.



The clay around the base of the silicone was a small wall with dovetail keys built in so it would sit in the jacket like this:


And here is the first pull from the mold!




Texture close up:

Yes I look like I just got up in this pic, I had :facepalm



So the journey ends, I hope those of you you enjoyed the pics. Hopefully I'll have a few smaller projects to show you guys and gals soon!


PS, heres a Arkham cowl I made last year. Peace!
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Any chance you can provide a breakdown of materials (Brands, part numbers, websites, etc) that you used to make the mold and the jacket? Really great work!


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I could tell you where I got them but it wouldnt help you much since I'm in the UK

Quantities were roughly

6kg silicone (25 shore) still have a little left though. Brand is SmartSil, formerly Repsil

Small amount of thixo additive for thickening silicone

10kg polyester resin although I have maybe 1.5kg left (so I'll be able to make many 89 emblems )

1kg polyester gelcoat resin

6 meter squared of fiberglass matt (650gsm)

24 laminating brushes (used most for silicone, only used 5 to do the fiberglassing due to the acetone

1ltr of Acetone

1 ltr 99% Alcohol

20 x 1 ltr mixing buckets

Spray wax

1 ltr PVA release agent

Water based clay for retaining walls

Clear automotive lacquer

Heavy duty knife

a couple of heavy duty plastic clamps

gallon kit of Smooth On Vytaflex urethane which gets me around 6 cowls

These materials were used to make 2 silicone molds, the first, which I didnt add pictures of, was just a thin 4 layer waste mold, no keys or anything fancy.

So 10 kg of resin made 2 fiberglass molds, 3 layers each as well as the resin master and about 10 emblems. Still have a good amount left too.

Hope that helps :)



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Thanks Yamaha!

Jackhellcrow, if you spray your piece with Plastidip, than wipe it over with mineral spirits, that should give you a good shine :)
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