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Hi everyone. I'm a big fan of Tim Burton's first Batman film and I am currently putting together my second 89 bat suit, but this time, I will be using some copies of real deal production pieces to finish this new build, whereas my last build was 90% Bob Dullam's masterful work. :)

So far, in terms of RD, I own a urethane copy of a restored production cowl (3 actually :$) a latex cape cast from an original screen used cape that has also been restored (as much as possible) casts of the real arm, calve and knee caps pieces, a beveled emblem cast from a real one as well as a urethane belt (slightly flawed though) which I modified by bringing the belt pods closer to the front like in the movie and I will also be repainting to a yellow oxide color instead with a tiny bit of metallic gold in there, then a minor black wash within the buckle and strap details and finally layer it with a flexible gloss so it looks real shiny (I'll post pics soon). And finally, soon to be on my doorstep, urethane copies of the real torso and fins for the gloves. :)
I'm truly blessed to have these items. It's so weird... I never thought the day would come when I got my hands on a movie quality and highly accurate bat suit from the 89 film.

Well, here's a bunch of pics to show you where I'm at so far.

89 RD cowl.





Now, I've done some work on this cowl because as it were, it was a bit rough in some spots that shouldn't have been. I added aluminum inserts around the mouth opening to shape them symmetrically as possible, as well as in the ears and part of the face.

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Re: Batman 1989 - Using some RD parts to make my second suit - PICS

My RD latex 89 cape sitting on a thick urethane Bob D 89 armor.



Actual texture details


Cape spread

Bob D latex torso thrown in for size comparison

Re: Batman 1989 - Using some RD parts to make my second suit - PICS

This emblem was hand painted by me, to give the black a super gloss finish while the Spanish yellow paint remained matte. I once had it all gloss but it looked ugly under certain lighting due to imperfections on the surface. The matte hides them really well. :)



These are the gloves I'll be using, although not 100% accurate, the suade finger is missing here and the fins will be replaced with urethane versions of the real ones.


I actually painted each silver stud to gloss black instead to resemble the movie gloves (the ones actually used in the movie were black painted studs while in some scenes, they looked silver which could have been due to light reflection.)



Screen cap of the glove studs.
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Re: Batman 1989 - Using some RD parts to make my second suit - PICS

RD arm/ calve and knee caps.


And here's where it gets kind of interesting.... The bat boots.
I made these a while back before I even knew Keaton wore Nike Air Trainer 3's. I only assumed they looked like a pair of sneakers and purchased a pair of Nike Air Max. heh....:$. But then again, the Trainers were no longer in production and have only resurfaced not long ago. (of course i grabbed a pair!)
Anyways, so yeah... I made these myself using not real leather, but pleather fabric my friends. I didn't have money left at the time to purchase expensive sheets of leather, so I used a remainder of black pleather (made for autos) and created the boot sleeves which I adhered to the sneakers using loctite high impact flexible glue. I've had these since 2009 and so far, I've experienced no issues at all. And I did maintain the surface with armor all every once in a while to clean it and keep them fresh.
I also created as best I could, the velcro strap details. Non of that was on the shoes originally. :$ Also with pleather fabric.
Doing so, really helped these look like the real ones. I just didn't have time to sew them or take them to a cobbler.





By the way, the boot armor is actual leather with some kind of hard material in them to make them sturdy. Someone told me David from UDR made these years ago. I never checked to confirm that. But regardless, these are wonderful.





Re: Batman 1989 - Using some RD parts to make my second suit - PICS

Here's the real Nike Air trainers I bought from Eastbay online.
I'll be replacing my old boots with these new sets of shoes.





Here's pics of the real bat boots for comparison. Notice how they dont have any vent holes in them and they look slender around the toe area, but generally the same design.


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Re: Batman 1989 - Using some RD parts to make my second suit - PICS


Here's a few bad cam pics of me testing out the cowl with a BobD latex armor and generic latex cape I made.





Well I hope you guys enjoy the pics. Sorry I posted so many so soon. I'm a bit busy right now with work away from this fun so I kinda wanted to get this off my chest and share with you guys.

Special thanks and applause to PJW, Mr.X and E.Farrel for all the help!
I'll be back with updates on my under suit and the rest. :$
Re: Batman 1989 - Using some RD parts to make my second suit - PICS

Thats a really nice suit... I want it!:) Thanks for all the detailed pics!
Re: Batman 1989 - Using some RD parts to make my second suit - PICS

those webcam pics look really cool.
Reminds me of something you'd see during production that was leaked out to TMZ or something haha.
Great suit!
Re: Batman 1989 - Using some RD parts to make my second suit - PICS

Awesome suit bro. Those are killer parts.
You look just like Keaton.
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Re: Batman 1989 - Using some RD parts to make my second suit - PICS

Batnar has, probably, the best 89 suit(s) I have ever seen. Plus he wears them so well it's incredible. Glad you made it over here man :thumbsup
Re: Batman 1989 - Using some RD parts to make my second suit - PICS

Thanks a lot guys. I'm glad you enjoyed the pics.
One of the things I really wanted to nail down besides having the perfect costume, was looking the part. I in no shape or form look like Michael Keaton without the cowl. But it took some practice to get my face to look like Keaton's when under the cowl. Sometimes make up work would be utilized to further accentuate the look. Then came the mannerisms. Watching a bunch of Keaton movies like some sick stalker just to understand how he moves, walks and talks.
I finally got the bat turn going and a few other movements that resemble scenes from the film. :$ At first, I thought it was silly to try and act like him...but then I realized...if im wearing the thing, shouldn't I at least try and act the part? I'm sure people would appreciate it instead of seeing some guy walking in the bat suit. :lol

Well I don't know... I hope it looks right. I definitely need to make a test video of me in the suit doing all the movements and other tests. Hope I pass the test. :)

Anyways, further news, I got my RD bat fins today for my gloves! :$
Really helps the minor inaccuracies of the gloves.



Aaaand, I finally got my fabric sample here to see if it would work for my 89 under suit! So far, it looks down right PERFECT. :$
It's a matte rubber stretch fabric layered over spandex/nylon. It actually looks just like the one used in the film. It's thin and strong too. Very stretchy without any signs of damage from excessive pulling. So visually, it fits the bill perfectly. Especially with a little armor all on it. :)

Now.. I tried not to get too excited because now I have to see how well it does with a piece of latex glued on it with flexible super glue. I will be testing this out tomorrow after work. If I can pull and stretch the latex without it ripping or leeching from the fabric, then this is the fabric to use from here on for any 89 build I make in the future. I can't stand neoprene. Though neoprene looks good, its too hot.




Really excited about this. I hope it works out for the armor. Ok, I will see you guys again soon. Gotta go exercise for few hours. (im trying to get the right physicality as Keaton in time for Halloween. Been eating way too many nachos and heavy pasta dishes lately. I have a flabby gut coming. Oh hell no! lol)
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Re: Batman 1989 - Using real deal parts to complete my suit - Lots of pics

:loveNice work Batnar! Your first suit is my favorite, and was a huge inspiration for me when I started putting my 89 together.
Re: Batman 1989 - Using real deal parts to complete my suit - Lots of pics

Loving this!!!
I'm looking to re-do my 89 this year with mainly PJ RD stuff.
I'm interested to see how the material for the undersuit works out.
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