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I was late last time for the released of Bandai 1/72 Falcon. I only manage to get the Standard Edition. Question, is there a reliable source for a 3rd party water slide decal maker for the Bandai 1/72 Falcon. I practiced with a 1/144 Falcon using the stickers. And the stickers just create a lump finished with a clear coat. Please advise.
I have not looked myself so I cannot speak to any particular supplier

Although if you can't find one, you could probably scan the stickers and have them printed out on decal paper from a place like FedEx( formerly Kinkos ) or Office Supply.
You may or may not have to supply your own decal paper which can easily be found at places like Hobby Lobby on online

However, depending on what kinds of printers they have, they may not be able to print white and in cases where you need white (like the Route 1 logo on the top of the cockpit) you will have to paint it on first under where the decal will go

And yes, those stickers are horrible. Although they make good paint masks. I often peel off the part that is placed on the model and use the "negative" part left instead to mask off the area
There is this set for the stencils on Etsy. I can't vouch for the quality, but user reviews are good.

You can also get an aftermarket PE set to sub in the missing PE details that come with the deluxe Falcon. There are several vendors, but Paragraphix is probably the best known.
Same vendor, but on Ebay:

I have a bunch of his decals and they're pretty good. You need to trim them down yourself, though.
That same seller from Nevada also sells a set of decals for your 1/144, just in case you want to make a do-over :

Decals Bandai 1_144 MF.jpg


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