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I have the Hill Valley High School Tardy Slip (pink color) in jpeg and pdf.
I can insert the jpeg file but I don't know how to insert à pdf file.

Here you are.

tardy slip 1.jpg
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anyone got a replica of the Bulova clock face from the dash of the Delorean? I've started working on it but if someone already has it it would save me some time!


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anyone got a replica of the Bulova clock face from the dash of the Delorean? I've started working on it but if someone already has it it would save me some time!
It's not great, but it's what I use.


If you print it out in black and white, on label paper, then go over it with a yellow highlighter (except for the hours, of course) once it's behind the alarm clock glass bezel, the flaws aren't that noticeable.
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Just wanted to share this major update to my 'homage' of the DeLorean Time Machine, my #KiaTimeMachine, now with an all LED display Time Circuit Display.
Reconfigurable, (but not programmable); selectable AM/PM LEDs, an actual clock circuit for the HH:MM for the Present Time; DAYS displays adjustable by dial; all other display segments individually controlled via jumpers. (I need to check the resistors on the Destination Time MONTH and DAYS)


When you don't have access to shop tools, you work with what you have.
I used aluminum angle brackets meant for roofing/gutters, with a straight-edge and X-acto knife to score the display windows, misc hardware to mount the PCBs holding the displays to the brackets, scissors to cut the wings of the brackets, then folded those over with pliers and screwed the wings into the side mounts that attach to the car's console.

The 'Craig' radio is just a mock-up until I can find something better to use for it.
Difficult and time consuming work, but I now have such a feeling of accomplishment. :)

Your Friend in Time,
aka David M.
aka ElectroDFW



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I was pondering today about the Red Thomas mayorial election poster. No one has made one because we've never been able to find a photo of Hal Gausman. But I wondered if maybe we could photoshop something using Brendan Gleeson as a base face?



I know it's not 100% screen accurate but it might be 95%?


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My contribution to this thread is not exactly a "paper" prop.

It is a Pepsi perfect label, I'd say 95% screen accurate, vectorized. It is meant to be used for vinyl cut stickers.
(color recommendation included)

I couldn't find a vectorized label when I was looking for one, so I made my own.
It is based on a rubbing I found in this thread, made by Gary Weaver II from his screen used bottle.

I received my vinyl cuts from this file today and they look awesome.

Download Pepsi perfect label (Adobe Illustrator)

The correct label size is 5.5 x 5.5 cm


View attachment 296719

Gary Weaver II also posted this 1:1 tracing of the bottle shape. This should help to find out the correct measurments.
Hey, is this ai. file still available?


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4453ED1F-8F2D-4038-B38B-DE7236346F84.jpegHi all sorry to bother you but I was wondering if anyone had a full hd scan of the Boeing b29 box (front back and sides) so I can get one printed/made for my collection.... thank you in advance and please list all sizes thanks ;)


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Hi all I’ve been working on my westclox bingo style 3 alarm clock from Bttf 1 (seen on George mcfly’s bedside table) I finally got the right clock and plucked up the courage to open it.... I’ve had the face scanned and I’ve edited it to match the screen used clock.... here are 3 versions of the face
1. Un edited
2. Edited
3. Edited and whitened
just a quick shout out to Roland for finding the right make of clock (thanks)
the right size to print your face is... 88mm or 8.8cm
i did a quick look on eBay and there is quite a few on eBay that you can use (just need a face change and the hands painting black in some cases) I’ve posted an examle of some of the clocks you can use (as the housing is the same) see picture
if you need any help in opening your clock when you get it to change the face just give me a shout....
post pics if you like ENJOY;)






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