Babylon 5 Narn G\'Quon.....


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Gone but not forgotten.
Well, I've been keeping a FEW friend's
updated to my current project. And, having NEVER
posted to the Modeling section here I felt like

Ok, a few more UPDATE pic's !

ALMOST have it there !

LOT'S of Engine detail's !

Same goes for the Nose Section.

And there she is in "almost" ALL her glory..

Still working on ALLOT of little detail's
and a custom stand. But it's shaping

And better FINAL pic's to follow after
I get the stand made up...


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Gone but not forgotten.
Thanks guy's... DEFINATELY a work
in progress !

Gotta' agree with you Lord A, it's
been an AGE since I have watched a
show with soooooooo many cool ship
design's as B5 !

Matter of fact, I can't think of
anohter show ??? LOL...

{ Well, Farscape, but not a whole
lot of ship's on that show..

I'll be posting more pic's as I go and get
this mother close to being DONE !


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Gone but not forgotten.
Thanks guy's, definately one of
the hardest yet most FUN job's I
have done yet ! The ship's going
to be a kit once all the kink's are
knocked out of it..

As for length, the fuselage is 17 inch's
long a total of 19 with the " tail fin's "
added to it. I built it to be in scale
with the Warp Aggy !

Once I get some more of the little
DOOHICK'S added to the hull I'll do some
weathering and post final pic's..