AVP R Redux


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Thought Id share my re-edited version of AVPR, since In my option the film was in general a crappy story, but also understanding that it is after all a monster mash film i loved all the wolf predator scenes..even being somewhat dark. and I put in as much wolf predator and alien as possible keeping out every human character except about 4 of them.

So what I did with about an hour the other day, was cut together a new version from the actual movie, and yes i did brighten it and did some gamma correction even added some small sounds to blend in some scenes, but was surprised how well the music blended on its own. vimeo upload compression made it a bit darker then what i did, but its still brighter then my dvd. I didn't bother with youtube cause it only allows for 10 min videos.

So if you have about 20 min, check it out, In short, I have just wolf doing his job, but in my version he gets the distress call, goes down to earth and kicks some ass, and get this..even kills the hybred!...LOL then after fixing his wonds from fighting the hybrid, goes back to the crashed ship to investigate his fallen comrades and gets rid of the last evidence before leaving earth on a ship.

Anyway..This was all in fun hope you like:)


Too cool...

I actually watched AVPR again the other day and just skipped to all the Wolf and Hybrid parts...you just saved me the time - awesome!
Wow... that a movie could contain 80minutes of crap and only 20minutes of watch-able scenes, is quite impressive. lol
Thanks for this clip, enjoyed it.

Pete, Can I get a download link to keep in my comp?
My narrow band in 1970's China Phone lines can't take it...
Pete, Can I get a download link to keep in my comp?
My narrow band in 1970's China Phone lines can't take it...

iM actually not sure how that works..ill check vimeos site mabe there is a settiing i can use for DL.. or if anyone has any suggestions?
www.Yousendit.com lets you send files up to 100mbs for free directly to email addresses and you can also share that link after you send it....

My email is uratz@hotmail.com
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