Authentic Nike Air Mag back to the future sneakers auction!


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Nike is auctioning off 1500 authentic remakes of the Air Mag from Back to the Future to raise money for charity. Ebay link is here:
NikeMag Back For The Future
All funds raised go to the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson's.
holy CRAP i can't see a pair under 4 THOUSAND dollars and the bidding isn't even anywhere near done.
guess i'm not getting a pair
Yep...collectors are going nuts as these are the real deal and in limited quantity. I'm sure the charity angle helps some too.
I didn't think to look there, as you could wear these. seemed more like a costume thing.
They just cant contain their excitement enough to check to see that there are already 4 threads right next to this one.

At least they all didnt make the same Great Scott joke I did on facebook :(
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