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same here,i'm waiting on exactly same things a you
Finally got around to doing an inventory of all my issues. Building this beast will have to wait till I have bench space.

I've just rung up Bissett to chase up Issue 87 which has been on back order since December. I also requested the 100A parts as all I got with issue 100 was the remote (and the wall mount). While I was at it I put in a requests for the replacement cockpit and the magazine for issue 22 which seems to be AWOL.

Still got three binders on back order too but I'm guessing I won't use them as they look far too bulky.

Anyone else also waiting for #87?


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They just sent me issue 80 and i allready had one.

- - - Updated - - -

Bit of work on the cockpit interior



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Hey all in Australia, for those that are not aware just a heads up that Bissett is no longer trading and has gone bankrupt. By all accounts this has taken a lot of partworks companies by surprise.
From the info I can find on facebook on the various groups related to DeAgostini and Eaglemoss builds the UK companies are working on solutions to getting our subscriptions out to us.
There have been a few suggestions to email as people have had positive responses from them saying that they can send out the missing issues that people require.


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**** you are right. I spoke with her on Friday and she was all no worries send me an email and we will sort it out.


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Hey guys, this is the latest info from Deagostini for their Australian customers -

Dear Subscriber,

We are pleased to tell you we have now appointed a new subscription management company in light of the previous company handling our subscription business ceasing trading last month.
Rest assured that your subscription is still live and ongoing, and although there may be some delays during this period of transition, we aim to get your copies out to you as soon as we can, therefore causing as little disruption to your subscription service as possible.

Your subscription terms will remain the same as before, and for those customers still awaiting free gifts linked to your subscription (both standard & premium customers) these will also be sent to you, as per the agreed schedule. The same applies for those customers with binders included in their subscription.

For those customers who have already contacted DeAgostini over the last few weeks regarding questions about your subscription, either by email, telephone or our DeAgostini facebook page - this information has been passed onto our new subscription management company and we will be replying to individual queries accordingly.

You can contact our customer service team as follows:

TEL: 0283787904


We hope you continue to enjoy your subscription and we’d like to thank you for your patience.

Many thanks
DeAgostini Publishing


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Thanks for sharing this David3 .
I went with the Newsagent sub. and had all issues delivered pretty much without a hitch ( couple of minor delays on two issues early on ) , and received the replacement cockpit after contacting Bissett , and the 100A parts after explaining the situation to my newsagent . Finding time to put it all together is the hard part now !
Any idea if the new management company will also be handling other current and future subscriptions from Deagostini and Eaglemoss ?

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That's fantastic news! Great to see all of your hard work paid off!

Would love to see what you did for your reference material for the comp entry, its the part that I struggle with and has put me off entering for a while!


I didn't officially enter the technical category for that reason, but they put the model in anyway. I did make a 6 page booklet of just the build progress - nothing fancy, and this was just to show people who were interested in the build during the 2 days. Anyway I kept the booklet in my pocket, and after talking to the judges they said that the Falcon was the clear winner by far but because there was no build history with the Falcon it fell to third place. I showed them my document and they said that was all they needed on the day (bit late now though). Not fussed either way as I only entered the model as a display/non-technical entry. Ended up winning two prizes, so more than happy. Plus winning the 'Peoples choice best in show' out of 700+ entries was really cool. :) Batteries held out over the two day period. Lights were burning strong.


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I know everyone on here would allready have the kit but I have the complete set 1 to 100 for sale $1200.

Need cash to get some coolshade