Australian/NZ - Deagostini Falcon


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Yeah , they really don’t seem to know what’s going on !
Let me be clear , I’m not trashing the ladies we speak with over the phone - they’re only passing on Info they’ve been told to after all .
It’s Deago I’ve a gripe with , and how they ‘ seem to ‘ continuously treat their customers in Aus ... probably NZ too , which is rather s**thouse !



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hi ged, its Freddie. Go to the newsagent where you bought the kit. They order the 100A parts in for you. Every newsagent has done this for their customers. Just go in there and ask them to order in pack 100A. I got mine over two months ago. There are people here that frequent the Facebook forums that would know this. Can't believe they haven't told you tbh. I just recently joined as I saw your frustration. You really should join the Facebook groups, make a false name and keep your privacy setting at max if you're worried about anything, government conspiracies or whatever. lol. Anyway PM me if you want some Facebook links or any other advice.


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I’m an Aussie currently living in the UK and I still haven’t received my greeblies! Countless emails to Deagostini
and still nothing! They promised a free binder as well for a previous mishap but I still haven’t received that.

Their emailing system is a joke. You never get the same person on the other end when you reply back to them.
So by the time you finish a conversation you have spoken to 5-6 different people!
bissett said they would send it out when they got them and they did.
i'm in sydney
now i'm still waiting for them to replace the engine light strips which they are also out of stock of.


Received notification today from Bissett saying an aust post parcel was on the way. Deep down I was hoping that it was going to be the first R2D2 shipment... alas - looks as though it’s going to be the 100a bits.


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Like you S4Simon I was hoping it was going to be the first R2D2 delivery but it ended up being 2 packages, the 100a parts and the next lot of the Delorean build.

Wonder how many of us signed up for the R2D2 build? Unlike the Falcon where I saw a bit of advertising around, I just happened to come across an ad for the R2D2 on facebook. You would think Bissett would at least shoot an email round to all the subscribers of the Falcon notifying them that there is another Star Wars build available, looks like their marketing team along with a few other teams in their office could do with a kick up the backside to get them into gear!
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Came as a surprise to me as well. Nothing updated on their facebook page. Sent an email to bissett requesting to be a subscriber, they stated they would supply all the info in 24 hours.... 2 weeks later still waiting. SNAFU really. :)


Oh - I did receive an email from Deag Australia back on the 04th May (found it later in my trash folder), saying they were giving away a freeby if you were one of the first 50 (R2D2) subscribers.



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After numerous calls and ( probably ) unwarranted concerns about missing out again in Aus ... 100A parts arrived in mail from Bissett today .



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Finally got around to doing an inventory of all my issues. Building this beast will have to wait till I have bench space.

I've just rung up Bissett to chase up Issue 87 which has been on back order since December. I also requested the 100A parts as all I got with issue 100 was the remote (and the wall mount). While I was at it I put in a requests for the replacement cockpit and the magazine for issue 22 which seems to be AWOL.

Still got three binders on back order too but I'm guessing I won't use them as they look far too bulky.

Anyone else also waiting for #87?


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Yep, still waiting on #80,83,87 & 100a
Bissett emailed me on Tues. apparently they are enroute from Deago (slow boat from China I'd guess) so hopefully not too much longer :/


Received all my bits, apart from one magazine which I'm not fussed about. Plus don't have the 100a - would be nice but not really fussed as I'm done and dusted with it - well it's gathering dust until I find the ultimate glass topped coffee table - which I'll probably end up making myself in the end. Started on R2, but not the same enthusiasm, mainly because there's no detailing / weathering to do until the end, so will probably start building once I have the first 10 mags and bits. Pic of dust-catcher below. :)


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Hi from the UK,
Same problems here with awaiting missing issues and the 100A parts.
I actually ended up ordering a Japanese issue 100 from HLJ that actually comes with the 100A parts and fitting instructions printed in the magazine.


label simple.jpg

Made myself a cheap $5 MF plaque. Typed out a personalised label in Microsoft Word, bought a $5 plastic stand off ebay, printed on silver sticky backed paper. Job done.