ATTN: Non-dyesublimation Spiderman gurus

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by RiotJavelinDX, Jul 16, 2015.

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    Hey fellow RPFers,

    Once I finish my Superior Spiderman and Spider Gwen suits within the next couple months for myself and my wife respectively, I have my eyes set on a TASM2 costume.

    That said, I plan on forgoing the dyesub route and use colored fabric to give it some more depth. I was wondering how those of you who have already done this got the pattern onto the fabric.

    My thoughts were to somehow print of Kenlandrum's TASM2 dyesub file and transfer the red portions to the red fabric and so on. I'm unsure of a clean way to do it and how to leave seam space.

    Any thoughts, pros?
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    Heres a black and white outline of Ken's pattern that can fit on A0 paper if you know a place to print it. I go to office supply shops and constantly tweak what needs tweaking. The Above post is a better idea I reckon though. That's what I'm planning to do. View attachment dPWU16W.jpg View attachment cp3PanV.jpg
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    Check out my thread. My second suit uses the method you're wanting to try.

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