AT-AT question


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Does anyone know what consists of the chin gun base?



Ive since sold my MR AT-AT, but not without taking measurements from every angle. So, I've decided to start this build-up on the side.



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sorry i cant help with your question but your pictures look great and would help with my own build ATAT w.i.p
any chance you could post the pictures with the ruler next to them at a bigger size ?


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the ones in your first post would be a good start so i can check my cad before i start making the body ! but i would be grateful to see any you are willing to share


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Hey Whiskey, if you could zip the file and upload it I would be extremely grateful to get a copy of the measurements. I'm working on some 1/100 AT-ATs at the moment, but I'm sure I'll attempt a studio scale next.
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