Art of Star Wars in Japan


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I'm traveling to Japan next week and am hoping to see the Art of Star Wars exhibition (maybe shoot a few clandestine photos of some models), but I'm having a heck of a time confirming where it is! My current research seems to place the show nowhere while I'm there, but I'm not 100% clear. Does anyone have a reliable idea where it is?
Art of Star Wars Tour:

Nagoya Science Museum
October-December 2003

Kyoto National Museum (Episodes I & II)
January-March 2004

Tokyo National Science Museum
March-June 2004

!!#&$!ushima Prefecture Art Museum, !!#&$!ushima
July-September 2004

!!#&$!ushima Prefecture Museum, Aizu
September-December 2004

(The "censor" function has garbled the last two locations--It's Fu-Ku-Shi-Ma prefecture.)

If they have any different books showing props and model than what we have over here, I would love to have one.

I will pay you for it + any extra for your troubles.

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