Arrow Season 6 Build (WIP)


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So, Ever since I saw the show back when it premired, I've always wanted to assemble a full Green Arrow cosplay. However, various things such as time, expenses, and knowledge have prevented me from that. Since then, money hasn't been quite as tight (still trying to do this fairly cheap though) and I've had more time, so with the show just having completed it's final season, I figured to honor the show I've loved so much, I'd finally start my suit.

With the season 6 suit and bow being my favorites, those are the ones I decided to go with. Last night I ordered my base suit from Amazon (I'm impatient and it was Prime and had good reviews) and it was only around $150 CosFantasy Season 5 Oliver Queen Cosplay Arrow Costume mp003491 (Men M): Clothing

Of course it will need upgrades (General Tailoring, Quiver, Gloves, Mask, Leg Holsters) But the Jacket and Pants seem to be a pretty good start. The boots I don't think will be able to be accurate if I want to stay in my price range, but I'm working on a fairly practical alternative. The main thing I'm having trouble with however is the Bow. In the Definitive Arrow thread, It was said the Bow is a Ragim Matrix Evo 48 inch. This is great, and I was ready to order one, But then I noticed the limb pockets, which aren't on the S6 Bow. does anyone know somewhere I could get a Ragim without Limb Pockets?

Thank you to everyone on this forum for helping me start, and I'll post some pictures of the suit once it arrives!


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You're looking at the correct bow. The product picture is of the 54" model. The 48" is stated in the description as not having limb pockets or attachment points. Just make sure you order the 48" model and it'll be fine. Here's a pic of mine for reference.


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I do quivers and holsters made in quality materials and the appropriate hardware. Depending on your budget, you might want to consider.


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