Arno Dorian from Assassin's Creed Unity


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Hey guys and gals!
Alongside a few smaller, less ambitious cosplays I've challenged myself to cosplay Arno Dorian from Assassin's Creed Unity this year. This will likely be a longer build, that I'll work on throughout the year in between the others I have planned. I've already started sourcing reference pics, design patterns, materials, etc but the thing I want to get as as right as I possibly can is the material for the coat. I've seen a few Arno cosplays where they've used a very lightweight, cotton like fabric and for me, it just looks too thin and doesn't have the same movement or look to it as Arno's coat should. Anyone out there got any ideas of what would be a good material to use?

I used upholstery weight faux suede for my Arno coat. It worked quite well, the texture is really nice and the weight is perfect.
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