armor out eva foam would like feedback


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my first post would like feed back

this is my first project with eva foam to be honest first project ive attempted would really like feedback on my work.
Re: my first post would like feed back

Title the thread with the name of what your building.

edit that first post then go to advanced then rename the heading. You'll probably get more feedback that way when people know what you're building

looks cool so far, just no clue what it is :)

Batman related?
Re: my first post would like feed back

its really hard to tell with the pictures being so small. It looks good I think but larger pictures or closeups would help clarify any detail we're not seeing like texture, edges, paint, etc. Maybe it's just my computer for some reason that's seeing it super tiny though, I dunno. Definitely looks like whatever it is you're doing is headed in the right direction though.
i would like the feed back on my thread i made a armor chest and torso peice outta eva foam and started on a mask in the process of getting more foam to make the back piece and the shoulders will try to keep everyone updated​
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need help on a creation

ok i wanna make a cross breed between an ironman armor and the batsuit i wanna make it black and gold i also wanna indent the chest to make the batman symbol glow yellow wanna make the armor black and gold would like some help on pepakura and makin the ears and guantlets but no cape cannot have a cape on a cross breed so anyone any ideas......
yes i did stealth i did but addin some paint and started on a mask i am a newb so its all very new to me and i actually new to forum site but i love indy mogul so thought i would try my hand ya know
few ways for large photos,first you could try increasing the quality of the photo's on your camera or start a photobucket account and they should be larger naturally:)
I love the overall design, but I think if you're doing something Batman related you may want to tighten up the sculpting on the accent pieces in the ab section. Are you freehanding or using stencils? The only reason I say that is because Batman stuff tends to look super-precise.
yes its templates but made them my self not really batman related just something i wanted to do that i think looked great ya know but as soon as i learn pepakura and get more foam i gonna be tryin alot more stuff
Re: first eva foam armor build;bluebeetle91

anybody know how to make a mask out of eva foam if so would like to know of technique

There are a few Iron Man pep files on the forum. For Batman you're going to need to look a little harder. There was a link in my cardboard batman thread but I've got no idea if it's still active. Pretty cool work so far. Any update shots?
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