armor fans - anything odd about this model tank?


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hi steel heads,
i wasn't a fan of _._._. until i saw this model tank,would anyone care to fill in the blanks?



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It's a cgi rendering done with global illumination. pretty common these days, every minor software can do these renderings quite easily.

But you are right, quite impressive to the untrained eye nevertheless...



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C.G.I. those were the letters i was looking for darth mut, quite impressive as you say, the artist is in the process of giving it camo paint job and weathering it.

i wish i could do stuff like this


Jedi Dade

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It definitely is impressived but I think the "tell" is the barrel diameter trasition - wher eit sslopes fom narrow to wide. Its a bit too smooth and the shadow too uniform. Like most computer models its "too perfect" and that's what gives it away. In general computer effects/rendering fall into these categories. Its too clear, moves too smooth, too detailed. It's not something that you pick up on right away but your subconscious minds says - there's something wrong with that ... I'm just not sure what...

None the less it 's still a technological marvel - and I love the progress we all are making!

Jedi Dade
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